Utz Halloween Pretzels
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Utz Halloween Pretzels

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Taste test: This bag contained two shapes of pretzels, with half shaped like bats (the flying kind, not the baseball kind) and the others supposedly shaped like Jack-O-Lanterns.

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They didn't look much like Jack-O-Lanterns to me, as it was just a circle of pretzel with a bar of pretzel across the middle, another bar of pretzel connecting the middle to the top, and a little nub of pretzel jutting out of the top. So maybe by some stretch it looked like two eyes and a mouth, with a pumpkin stem at the top, but not really. The taste was good, with a good pretzel flavor and plenty of salt.

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Smell test: The usual pretzels smell.

From the package: “Bats & Pumpkin Shaped” ... “Utz of Hanover” ... “Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Salt, Malt Syrup, Corn Oil, Sugar, Yeast, Soda”

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Company: Utz

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Christmas Tree Shops. Review published .

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