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Unique Pretzel Shells

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Taste test: These pretzels reminded me of the famous muffin tops from Seinfeld — the idea being that it's the outside of the pretzel that everyone craves, so why not get rid of the dreaded bready interior. They're not the first pretzels to emphasize exterior over interior, as Pretzel Crisps flattened the pretzels so that there wasn't much interior.

In this case, they somehow made these short, thick pretzel sticks hollow rather than thin, so they simply had no interior. It's kind of funny that a pretzel company would admit that there's a demand for this — Unique Pretzel Bakery, which makes many pretzels with interiors, described the inside of most pretzels as "blah" right on this bag.

When our snackers tried these, they found them anything but blah. As we crunched into these while enjoying some beer, people raved about the taste and the lightness, with quite a few people saying these were the best pretzels they'd ever eaten. Each piece was fairly small, so there were lots of them in the large bag, but people liked them so much that they crunched their way through the whole thing about as fast as we've ever seen for a bag of pretzels. Great!

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Smell test: Regular pretzels smell.

From the package: “All crunch, no filling” ... “All Natural ~ No Cholesterol ~ No Trans Fat” ... “The Original Split-Open Pretzel” ... “We have used our split-open baking process to remove the inside 'blah' of the pretzel and created these bite-size hollow pockets. What's left? The best part, the crunchy tasty outside pretzel shell.”

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Company: Unique Pretzel Bakery Inc.

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