Twisted Grandma Gets Hot! Mild Buttery Garlic Goodness
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Twisted Grandma Gets Hot! Mild Buttery Garlic Goodness

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Taste test: These pretzels were similar in many ways to Twisted Grandma's other flavor, Buttery Garlic Goodness (without the hot), which is to say, they were quite good.

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Like those, these tasted great, as they were loaded with a garlicy flavor that really enhanced the pretzel, and the flavor lasted long enough that we couldn't taste just the bare pretzel at any point in the eating process. The extra "Gets Hot!" part didn't kick in on the first bite, but it did come back as good kick of heat in the aftertaste. I couldn't figure out what the "Mild" in the flavor was supposed to mean (since it was mixed with "Gets Hot!") but these were top-notch flavored pretzels.

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Smell test: Sort of garlicy and sort of buttery but kind of odd.

From the package: “You can't resist the twist!” ... “Far away in the cold north country of Eveleth, Minnesota, where cooks are known for their casseroles and hotdishes, there lived one crazy grandma who always did things a little different. From the tips of her blonde spiky hair down to her one tattooed toe, she was not your average grandma. This twisted grandma had a recipe for the most delectable savory snack pretzels. These pretzels are buttery, garlicky, and downright addicting! It seems people can't get enough of this fabulous little snack, (for dinner ins some cases).”

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Company: Twisted Grandma

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Trivia: Not long after we placed this bag in our tasting area, somebody stole it.

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