photo of Mary's Gone Crackers Sticks & Twigs Pretzels Curry
Mary's Gone Crackers Sticks & Twigs Pretzels Curry

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Mary's Gone Crackers Sticks & Twigs Pretzels Curry

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Taste test: These were some weird-looking snacks. When we heard "Sticks & Twigs," we immediately thought of Jacob's Twiglets, which look a lot like twigs, but when we opened this bag, there was no resemblance to those, nor actual twigs.

The pieces were rectangular in profile, with a base that ranged in color among various shades of greenish and brownish beige, plus some light and some dark seeds embedded inside. Some of the edges were bumpy and irregular, while others were so smooth that they were actually shiny. Lengths varied, but most pieces were a bit over two inches long. We crunched in to find a crunchy, strange texture that wasn't even close to feeling like a pretzel, with a taste that was a mix of sort-of-burnt something and a little curry. They did taste a bit like Indian food, but neither the texture nor taste was much of a hit among the snackers who tried them. Weird.

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Smell test: Not like pretzels, not like curry. Weird.

From the package: “Whole grain gluten-free” ... “Our Sticks & Twigs™ are crunchy and satisfying whole grain pretzels with no refined flour! Munch on these scrumptiously crisp morsels and feel great — you're eating a nutritious, whole food snack!”

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Company: Mary's Gone Crackers, Inc.

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Woodacre Country Market & Deli. Review published .

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