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Snappers Pretzel

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Taste test: This bag contained clusters that appeared to be made from grid pretzels coated with milk chocolate on one side, then broken up, stuck together by caramel into clusters, and finally drizzled with more chocolate. The clusters varied widely in their shapes and odd sizes, and they generally didn't look as neat as the ones pictured on the bag.

The appearance didn't matter much once we crunched in, as the result of this mixture was soft, chewy, occasionally crunchy — and really good. There was no shortage of caramel, nor chocolate, and both were quite delicious and went well with the salty pretzels. It seemed like some of the moisture from the chocolate and caramel had softened the pretzels a bit, but there was still some pretzel crunch.

When we offered these up to our panel of snackers, people were very excited by just the prospect of pretzel clusters with chocolate and caramel — and then even more delighted when they tried them. Nearly everyone went back to the large bag for seconds, thirds or more. At $8.99 for the bag, this was no bargain snack, and as a result we very nearly didn't buy it, but in the end we were sure glad we did.

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Smell test: Very nice, more caramel than chocolate.

From the package: “Crunchy and salty sweet!” ... “Gourmet Chocolate & Caramel Treats” ... “100 Year Old Family Recipe” ... “Snappers are inspired by our childhood. Growing up, we watched our parents make our favorite chocolate confections, Turtles, at the family chocolate factory. Those memories inspired a new, innovative twist on a classic treat — the perfect blend of creamy caramel, rich milk chocolate and the salty crunch of pretzels or nuts.”

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Company: Edward Marc Brands

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Costco. Review published .

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