Rold Gold Pretzels Rods Original

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Rold Gold Pretzels Rods Original

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Taste test: We've bought the little boxes of Utz Pretzel Rods many times (probably because they're so tempting at about $1 a box) but somehow never managed to buy Rold Gold's version until now.

What were we thinking? These things were great. They were about as thick as Rold Gold but added about a half inch of length to extend to 7-1/2 inches, with lots of big chunks of salt stuck to the surfaces. They're perfect for holding like a cigar and chomping on as you enjoy a beverage. Great with beer!

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Smell test: Strong pretzel smell.

From the package: “Try them with peanut butter & chocolate chips for a salty-sweet treat.”

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Company: Frito-Lay

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Wegmans. Review published .

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