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Rold Gold Pretzel Thins Original
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Rold Gold Pretzel Thins Original

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Taste test: These flattened pretzels had a different shape than the Pretzel Crisps that they (along with a number of other imitators) were derived from, as Rold Gold did away with the standard knot and made it more like some sort of flattened double knot. The pieces had a good pretzel color, actually a bit darker and more pretzel-like than the ones pictured on the bag.

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But when we crunched in, some of the whole pretzel illusion went away, as the texture was not nearly as pretzel-like as Pretzel Crisps. These did have some hint of pretzel, but the feel was more like a hybrid of a pretzel and a cracker — crumblier and less crunchy than a pretzel. The taste was still reasonably pretzel-like, and most of our snackers enjoyed these a lot while they had some beers.

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Smell test: A bit buttery, so not just the usual pretzel smell.

From the package: “take a happy break!™” ... “pop it! top it! dip it!” ... “It's your break time make it a happy one! Starting with an unexpected fusion of cheddar, jack, and mozzarella cheese flavors, Rold Gold® Pretzel Thins is a snack that's so good you'll fall in love. Try it with your favorite dip of veggie and take your mid-day break to a whole new level. Trust us, delicious doesn't even begin to cover it!”

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Company: Frito-Lay

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This snack was discovered at Star Market (formerly Shaws, and Star Market again before that), Porter Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Review published .

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