Rold Gold Cheesy Garlic Baked-In Flavor Pretzel Nuggets

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Rold Gold Cheesy Garlic Baked-In Flavor Pretzel Nuggets

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Taste test: These pretzel nuggets had an elongated shape compared with most nuggets.

All of the pieces were about the same length, but they had different looks, with variations in the indentations on the sides, burn marks and salt crystal placement and quantity. When I bit into my first nugget, I was surprised by how soft the crunch was, as it just didn't seem like a pretzel at all. As I chewed, the taste and feel was much more like a bread stick than a pretzel. The bag actually said that this was what they were trying to do, but it should not have come at the expense of any sort of pretzel experience. As for taste, I didn't notice much in the way of garlic at first, but a mild garlic taste did kick in soon after. I couldn't really taste any cheese, but there probably was some cheese interacting with the garlic, as the garlic was not of the sharp variety. These were OK, but just not tasty or crunchy enough to impress.

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Smell test: Very garlicy, but not in a bad way.

From the package: “We took the classic flavors of real, fresh bakery bread and brought them into a pretzel. Our Rold Gold Cheesy Garlic Flavored Pretzel Nuggets give you the crispy crunch Rold Gold® is famous for, with the smooth taste of all natural cheddar and garlic baked into every bite.”

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Company: Frito-Lay

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