Old Dutch Baked Pretzels Butter Spindles

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Old Dutch Baked Pretzels Butter Spindles

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Taste test: These spiral-shaped pretzel sticks were a bit over two inches long, with a good helping of salt visible on the outside of each piece.

Each stick looked like it was made from two separate strands of dough, twisted around each other, much like Watson & Crick's double helix DNA. They had a very good crispness and a nice soft crunch upon biting in. The taste was different from the usual pretzels and was quite good, but the taste just didn't seem all that buttery to me. Some of our tasters detected butter, some didn't. Still, pretty good pretzels.

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Smell test: Kind of odd, but remotely buttery.

From the package: “Bretzels cuites au four vrilles à savur de beurre” ... “You hear butter and you think high fat, right? Wrong. Butter Spindles have all the melt in your mouth taste of fresh butter, and only 2.5 grams of fat per serving. One bite and you're hooked. Hey, just more proof that the windmill is your flavour guarantee.”

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Company: Old Dutch Foods Ltd. (Canada)

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