Goldfish Mix-Up Adventures Pretzel & Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar

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Goldfish Mix-Up Adventures Pretzel & Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar

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Taste test: This version of Goldfish combined fairly conventional Goldfish crackers (though the kind with extra cheddar) with a special kind that wasn't a cracker at all, but rather a pretzel. The really nice thing about the pretzels was that some of the cheese rubbed off the crackers onto them, so we got the texture and taste of a pretzel with just a mild kick of cheese — and that made them taste quite good.

Unfortunately, the pretzels were far outnumbered by the cheesy pieces, in a ratio about 5 to 1. When I managed to get a handful with a 50/50 split, the mix of tastes was very nice.

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Smell test: Not much.

From the package: “2 great tastes all mixed up!” ... “Natural No Artificial Preservatives 0g Trans Fat” ... “Xtreme & Gilbert use their imaginations to take them to new worlds where they can be anyone and do anything. Who will they be? Where will they go?”

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Company: Pepperidge Farm, Inc.

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