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Pork Grinds Hawaii Ketchup Flavored

Pork Grinds Hawaii Ketchup Flavored

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Taste test: These pork rinds had a good helping of dark red seasoning on them, with a lot of variation in seasoning levels from one piece to the next, plus lots more of the red stuff that had settled at the bottom of the bag. We crunched in to find dense rinds with a good crispness and just a very mild ketchup-like taste. The seasoning was strong enough to mostly obscure the take of the rinds themselves, while still not tasting really ketchupy. The regular pork taste returned for the aftertaste. Not bad, but really not ketchupy enough for someone who is craving some ketchup.

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Aroma: Just slightly tomatoey, but not really ketchupy.

Manufacturer: Pork Grinds Hawaii

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From the package: "Serving Size 1/2 oz (14g/about 8 pieces) Servings Per Container 7"

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