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Vic's Corn Popper Gourmet Kettle Style White Popcorn

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Vic's Corn Popper Gourmet Kettle Style White Popcorn

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Taste test: This paper bag contained a foil bag, which contained many large, nearly round kernels of kettle corn.

The popcorn had a very good crispness, and nice low level of sweetness for a very good taste. There was no saltiness that I could notice, so this didn't have the sweet/salt balance that some kettle corns have, but I still liked it a lot.

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Smell test: Good kettle corn smell.

From the package: “New!” ... “Sweet and Salty” ... “Gather 'round a bag of Vic's” ... “Vic's Popcorn tastes so good because of the care and attention taken throughout its preparation. Vic's starts with a premium hybrid popping corn known for its sweetness and flavor. This hybrid was selected for its delicate texture and high moisture content which allows it to pop up perfectly every time, yielding tender, tastier kernels.”

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Company: KLN Enterprises

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