photo of Trader Joe's Partially Popped Popcorn with Butter & Sea Salt
Trader Joe's Partially Popped Popcorn with Butter & Sea Salt

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Trader Joe's Partially Popped Popcorn with Butter & Sea Salt

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Taste test: This bag was filled just under halfway with some strange-looking things that didn't look anything like popcorn, nor all that much like the convention partially popped kernels found in most popcorn. They looked kind of weird, and the whitish coating on parts of their exteriors (presumably the sea salt and butter seasoning) made them look ever weirder. Kind of like wasabi peas, but with different colors.

We crunched in to find that the pieces were quite crunchy (but not break-your-teeth crunchy) and had a very intense salty popcorn flavor. That was followed in the aftertaste by lots of salty and buttery flavor. Unlike some similar products, such as Pop Nots, there was no major burnt taste mixed in.

We shared the bag with lots of snackers enjoying some beers after a run, including some who regularly try all the crazy stuff that we have to offer, and a few of those folks went out of their way to praise the taste as one of the best we've ever shared.

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Smell test: Slightly burnt popcorn smell.

From the package: “You know all about half-baked right? But what about partially popped? This special variety of popcorn is processed using a proprietary method to produce the little crunchies usually found in the bottom of the popcorn bowl, but with a texture that makes them almost addictive & easier on the jaw! There is crunch in every kernel but no fluff.”

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Company: Trader Joe's

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Trader Joe's. Review published .

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