Smartfood Popcorn Movie Theater Butter

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Smartfood Popcorn Movie Theater Butter

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Taste test: This large bag contained large, uniformly colored kernels that had no yellow buttery color at all. It's part of an expansion of the Smartfood line, which started with just white cheddar but has expanded to include this variety plus kettle corn.

I crunched into my first handful expecting a good hit of butter, as other similarly marketed "movie theater" popcorns have delivered. But I was kind of shocked to find that this popcorn didn't taste like butter at all, and indeed it tasted slightly cheesy. So then I checked the ingredients and was even more shocked to find that although there was some butter, the recipe also contained buttermilk, cheddar and sour cream — none of which I expected (before eating that handful) but which made total sense, given the actual taste. The kernels had a good crispness and tasted OK, but what we really had here was a very weak cheddar popcorn, not a butter popcorn at all. As for Movie Theater Butter, it wasn't even close.

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Smell test: Not really buttery at all. Just kind of a weak popcorn smell.

From the package: “Is it really smart to let yourself fall in love with a snack? Of course it is! Especially when it's Smartfood® brand. We're talking about fresh-tasting, light-textured, all-natural ingredients, air-popped popcorn adorned with the incredible flavor of movie theater butter.”

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Company: Smartfoods, Inc.

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