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photo of SexyPop Black Pepper
SexyPop Black Pepper

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SexyPop Black Pepper

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Taste test: This popcorn had a bright white color, with quite a few small bits of crushed black pepper on the surfaces. The butterfly-shaped kernels were fairly large.

We crunched in to find generally a below-average crispness, as some kernels had a decent crispness while most were on a bit on the mushy side. The black pepper flavor was quite nice, as it was fresh and intense, particularly in the aftertaste — it stayed around for quite a while. Our tasters were mixed, as some quickly gave a thumbs-up, while others though it was pretty much average popcorn.

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Smell test: Nice fresh black pepper smell. Sharp, but not too strong.

From the package: “Come Out Of Your Shell™” ... “37 Calories per Cup!” ... “SexyPop is made with the finest Japanese popcorn. It's so fabulous, and healthy! SexyPop sources the best ingredients for its flavors. That's how we do SexyPop!” ... “We are always poppin' for you. When the stars are out, we're poppin'. When it's cloudy, we're poppin'. We're poppin' all the time. We just can't stop poppin'.”

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Company: SexyPop

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