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Pop Time Kettle Cooked Popcorn White Cheddar

Pop Time Kettle Cooked Popcorn White Cheddar

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Taste test: Before we get to two highly unusual aspects of this popcorn, we'll review the popcorn itself. The white cheddar seasoning was sufficiently sparse that the popcorn looked largely like plain popcorn, with no visible signs of any cheddar. We crunched in to find a good crisp feel and a very mild mix of cheddar and salt. It was magnitudes less cheddary than Smartfood, but it still tasted good, with a nice balance of tastes between the salt, cheese and popcorn. The bag was filled a bit over halfway, so they could have done a bit better on quantity.

The unusual part? Apparently it didn't contain any cheddar. Nor cheese of any kind, for that matter. Nor anything dairy, come to think of it! I'm not complaining, as it tasted good and even tasted cheddary.

Even more unusual than the lack of any cheddar cheese was the fact that this fact was essentially ignored by the marketing copy on the bag. The reason that I even noticed it was that some of Pop Time's other flavors state on the bag, "Manufactured in an allergen free facility," so I checked this one in light of the assumed inclusion of cheese. This one didn't go as far, claiming, "Manufactured in a nut free facility," but the ingredients didn't seem to even include dairy. You would think that a cheese-free popcorn that really tasted like cheddar would be heavily marketed for just that. Yet they didn't push that at all.

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Aroma: Good mild cheddar smell.

Manufacturer: Ziggy Snack Foods, LLC

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From the package: "Finally … a snack you won't live to regret later! Our popcorn is light, airy, and packed mouthwatering flavor. But lucky for you, it's not packed with calories, trans fats, or GMOs. So go ahead and eat it by handful. We won't tell." ... "Kosher Parve"

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