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Gladcorn A-Maizing Corn Snack Bar-B-Q

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Gladcorn A-Maizing Corn Snack Bar-B-Q

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Taste test: This bag was filled with half-popped corn kernels, as well as a small minority of unpopped ones, and unlike some other Gladcorn flavors, these had a strong and tasty seasoning on them as well.

The texture was excellent, as the semi-popped ones were crisp and crunchy but not so hard as to break any teeth. The unpopped ones were harder to bite into, but still much softer than ordinary unpopped popcorn kernels. Another crunchy and tasty snack from Gladcorn that our tasters thoroughly enjoyed.

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Smell test: Sort of like mildly burnt popcorn with barbecue powder.

From the package: “Maiz Tostado” ... “We never intended to create a snack food. It was simply an amazing discovery made one evening in our farmhouse kitchen. After tasting it, we thought it had potential, so we shared it with some friends. With their encouragement, we made more and a dream was born. Now we have the privilege of sharing this snack with you!”

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Company: G.E.F. Gourmet Foods, Inc.

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