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Cracker Jack Popcorn Kettle Corn

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Cracker Jack Popcorn Kettle Corn

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Taste test: We've reviewed many kinds of kettle corn (including quite a few that claimed to be kettle corn but weren't) but this bag was a major discovery, as Cracker Jack remains one of the biggest names in popcorn but had never before entered the kettle corn arena. Most of the kernels were smallish and roundish, with generally an off-white color, except for the yellower sugary areas and darker exposed kernel exterior (or pericarp). I crunched in to find that the kernels had a nice light feel, good crispness and a mid-level sweetness. It did seem to be actual kettle corn (rather than sugar-coated popcorn) but the salt level was on the very low end of the spectrum as kettle corns go. More salt would have made this even better, as the sweet-and-salty combination is what makes many kettle corns so appealing. But this was still solid first effort by Cracker Jack.

Another positive with this product was that they didn't forget its Cracker Jack heritage, and thus did include a special prize inside. It turned out to be a "Cracker Jack Throwback" sticker with the image of Sailor Jack holding a box of Cracker Jacks. Unfortunately, I ripped off a corner of the sticker in the process of opening the packet.

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Smell test: Just mildly sweet. None of the usual popcorn smell, nor any burnt popcorn smell, as some kettle corns have.

From the package: “There's always a prize inside!” ... “New flavors from an American favorite — Butter Toffee or delicious Kettle Corn”

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