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Cracker Jack (retro box)
Snack Review

Cracker Jack (retro box)

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Taste test: This box of Cracker Jacks tried to resurrect the old look of a Cracker Jacks box, and it succeeded perhaps a little too well at that.

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The faded-looking, beige-colored box had some of some of our snackers thinking it was just an old box that had been sitting around a long time. But the box was a welcome change from the bags in which Cracker Jacks seem to be most widely available in recent years. It can be a bit awkward to get the boxes open and to get the Cracker Jacks out of the box — both tasks are simple with the bags — but still, to really be Crackers Jacks, they should come in a box. The box was cardboard on the outside, but it also had a foil liner inside, and that liner proved to be quite effective at keeping the contents crisp and fresh. Most of the kernels were fairly large, not stuck to each other, and not stuck to peanuts either. There was a stark contrast between the light brown, caramel-coated areas of popcorn surface and the bright white, uncoated popcorn areas. The crispness of the kernels was excellent, as was the taste of the popcorn and caramel. Holding the kernels in the hands left a fairly minimal amount of sugar on the fingertips, far less than many other coated popcorns. The only problem was that for a product that promised peanuts and popcorn, there were precious few peanuts in the box, and nearly all of them were at the bottom among some tiny fragments of popcorn kernels. Still, the popcorn was as tasty as you probably remember from the first time that you ate a box of Cracker Jacks. And they still include a prize inside! Excellent.

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Smell test: Good caramel and peanuts smell.

From the package: “Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Popcorn, Peanuts, Molasses, Salt, Corn and/or Soybean Oil, and Soy Lecithin” ... “Contains peanut and soy ingredients.” ... “Post & tear off top” ... “Tastes just as good as you remember, a delicious blend of caramel coated popcorn and peanuts, with a fun surprise in every box.”

Online store: Buy Frito-Lay snacks on Amazon #ad

Company: Frito-Lay

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Costco. Review published May 2013.

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