Caramel Apple Caramel Cob

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Caramel Apple Caramel Cob

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Note: This snack has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Taste test: This ear-of-corn shaped snack consisted of popcorn held together by lots of caramel and supposedly also some apple.

I couldn't see chunks of apple or anything, but there was some green here and there. I bit into the cob to find a chewy texture — definitely not crunchy like caramel corn, but not quite soft, so it took some effort to bite some off the cob and then to chew. (Sometimes when biting off a chunk, I felt like I was trying to gnaw a piece off a giant turkey leg.) If you happen to have a microwave handy, a quick trip through there will soften the cob up considerably. The taste was a bit different than your typical caramel corn, and the difference may have been that there was some apple in there, but it really didn't taste like a caramel apple at all. After eating, I checked the ingredients for apple and didn't find any, so that was pretty much consistent with the taste.

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Smell test: More caramel than apple, but I guess I could smell some apple.

From the package: “Soft n' Chewy Caramel Popcorn” ... “Delicious Warm Too! Microwave 10-15 seconds”

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Company: Kathy Kaye Foods

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