Aussie Crunch Gourmet Caramel Popcorn
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Aussie Crunch Gourmet Caramel Popcorn

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Taste test: This bag contained a thin cardboard sleeve, which contained a foil bag, which was filled to the top with some great buttery caramel popcorn.

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The popcorn pieces varied in size, but all had a thick butter toffee coating over the entire surface. The coating was crisp, yet soft enough to easily bite into. It did leave behind a slight sugary residue on the fingertips. Our tasters raved about the great caramel flavor.

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Smell test: Just a slight caramel smell.

From the package: “It happened on a hot, muggy summer morning that a pirate ship (you heard me!) landed on the shores of Australia. It carried rare herbs, spices and candied flavours like cinnamon, mint and caramel. No sooner did the pirates land, than they saw it. There on the beach were hundreds, no thousands, no millions of ears of corn popping like crazy in the midday sun. No body knew how they got there, nobody ever dared ask. Suddenly, along comes a big wind, breaks open the crates aboard that ship, and all those rare flavours lapped up onto the shore to cover those kernels like a roo up a gum tree. And that's how it happened, jackaroos. That's how Aussie Crunch was born. Sez who? Sez me.”

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Company: Aussie Crunch, Inc.

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