Uncle Bud's Cajun Deep Fried Peanuts

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Uncle Bud's Cajun Deep Fried Peanuts

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Taste test: Until I found this bag, I had never even thought about deep-frying an in-shell peanut, nor eating an entire peanut along with its shell. But the bag said you could, and I did. (I'll add that the reason given on the bag for being able to eat the whole thing seemed unconvincing. If it had something to do with being deep-fried, or if it were just a little-known fact that all peanut shells can actually be eaten, that could make sense. But it just said they're "so good" that you can. I couldn't follow the logic.)

I was a bit surprised to find that the shells were not difficult to eat. Obviously, the shells had a vastly different texture than the nuts, but it was one I quickly adjusted to and didn't feel any sharp edges or suffer any ill effects. However, the experience was quite a bit different from eating regular nuts because the taste of the nuts was diluted quite a bit by the less-tasty shells. The cajun seasoning affected the taste as well, adding some nice spices with a kick that varied in strength from piece to piece. We shared these with many snackers as they enjoyed some beers; nearly everyone was willing to eat the shells, and absolutely everyone liked what they tasted. We had a brand-new snacking experience with these, and it ended up being a very good one.

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Smell test: Mild peanut smell. Almost more like peanut oil than peanuts.

From the package: “... so good, you can eat them shell-n-all” ... “Ingredients: peanuts salt, red pepper and other spices, garlic and silicon dioxide (to prevent caking), soybean oil.”

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Company: Valley Wholesale Distributors, Inc.

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Moon Pie General Store, Charleston, SC. Review published .

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