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photo of La Molienda Antojos Big Mixnut Bar (Barra Mixta Grande)
Snack Review

La Molienda Antojos Big Mixnut Bar (Barra Mixta Grande)

La Molienda Antojos Big Mixnut Bar (Barra Mixta Grande)

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Taste test: This huge granola bar (7 inches long, just under 2 inches wide and almost an inch thick) had a clear wrapper that put all of the contents on display, and it looked really nice. I was able to identify most of the ingredients — peanuts, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and raisins — without even looking at the label on the back. In fact, I got a solid 80% of the list, as the only thing I missed was glucose, which seemed to be the shiny substance holding it all together.

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I opened the wrapper and tried to dive right in, but quickly found that this was one very solid bar, not at all easy to bite into. I very carefully bit in using my molars rather than incisors (for fear of losing them) and found it still took a lot of effort but could be done. The taste was very nice, a sweet mix of the nuts, seeds and raisins, but I took bites with constant fear of tooth damage. I tried breaking the bar into pieces, which took considerable muscle (good thing I work out!) but was still met with very limited success. And it was messy. Pieces were stuck to my lips and teeth after eating, plus bits flew everywhere when I managed to break it. Even if it weren't so hard to eat, I probably couldn't have eaten the whole bar in one sitting because of the sheer size; it took so much effort that I ate just a small fraction. I wanted to eat more, but there so much risk and work involved. This could be workable approach to portion control!

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Smell test: Pretty good. Peanuts and sesame seeds seemed tone the dominate smells.

From the package: “Made in Mexico” ... “Ingredients: Peanuts, Sesame seed, Pumpkin seed, Raisin, Glucose. Contain: Peanut. (manufactured on equipment that also processes Pecan and Tree nuts)”

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Company: La Casa Grande, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Mi Salvador Mexicano, Chelsea, Massachusetts. Review published December 2013.

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