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Hampton Farms Hot Nuts Hatch Chili Flavor

Hampton Farms Hot Nuts Hatch Chili Flavor

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Taste test: We've reviewed many flavored peanuts, but the innovation here was that Hampton Farms flavored them while retaining the shells. How do you get flavor inside the shells? We don't really know, but somehow they did. When we broke open some shells and ate the raw nuts (retaining the skin when we could) there was a nice soft feel to the nuts and a tasty, mild seasoning at first, but it kept getting hotter as we ate more nuts, reaching a middling level of heat while creating a tasty mix of pepper and peanut.

Still, it seemed like we were missing out on some of the flavoring every time we discarded a shell. But we're professional snackers here, so eating them that way wasn't all that we did. After enjoying the packaged Uncle Bud's Deep Fried Peanuts, we called in a favor from our favorite bar and asked them to try putting these into the deep fryer so that we could eat those shells too. After three minutes in there and then some impatient waiting while they cooled down, we crunched right into the shells and found quite a bit more flavor from those hatch chiles, a major kick of heat that matched the hot promise on the bag. Besides delivering lots of flavor, it saved the effort and time requited to break open the shells. Great!

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Smell test: Mostly like peanuts, but a hint of the peppers.

From the package: “For generations, our family and our farmers have nurtured our crops with care and attention from seed to shelf. Our unique process roasts the peanut to perfection and seasons them with a delicious spicy kick!” ... “Product of U.S.A.”

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Company: Hampton Farms

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