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Doritos Crunch Mix Nacho Cheese

Doritos Crunch Mix Nacho Cheese

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Taste test: This snack mix from Doritos expanded on their Crunch Nuts coated peanuts product by adding four additional items — "pretzel bites" that were basically broken-up big pretzels, like the ones from Snyder's of Hanover; miniature cheese puffs; "3-D triangles" and "corn sticks." The various things seemed to be present in roughly equal amounts.

The pretzel bites came in a whole range of sizes and random shapes, with nacho cheese attached to the exposed interior surfaces. They delivered a solid pretzel crunch along with a nice mix of pretzel and cheese. The cheese puffs were roundish and quite small, for a soft, crisp feel and a mild cheese hit. The triangles were basically made of Fritos material and had that same crisp, strong crunch, but most of the pieces managed to deviate from the triangle shapes quite a bit during cooking. The corn sticks were thin, with an appearance similar to sesame sticks, and they were even crunchier and more solid than the triangles. All in all, it was a good mix of tastes and textures, with a mild cheese on everything, a nice range of flavors and crunches that worked well together.

Aroma: Mostly like roasted peanuts.

Manufacturer: Frito-Lay North America, Inc.

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From the package: "Multi-crunch nacho cheese mix"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at 7-Eleven. Review published .

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