Thanksgiving's for Snacking!

You don't need to cook on Turkey Day

By Jeremy Selwyn
Chief Snacks Officer


Thanksgiving in a bag? Yes, indeed. It's quite possible to enjoy all the tastes of Thanksgiving dinner without turning on the oven.

Let's start with turkey: Sure, you can have turkey jerky, but for a true snacking experience, why not turkey-flavored potato chips? We've reviewed three kinds that all really tasted like turkey (yet contained none).

Let's focus on that last one from Boulder Canyon. We've seen it in stores as recently as this week (the others were some years back) so there's a good chance you can still find a bag. Plus, it's the only one of the three that covers your need for gravy as well. And best of all, Boulder Canyon also sells Pumpkin Pie Potato Chips!

But what about cranberry sauce? The snack aisle offers lots of delicious ways to enjoy cranberry without having to use a can opener! There's a cranberry & sage version of Triscuits, and if popcorn is your thing, try CrunchDaddy's Butter Rum & Cranberry Crunch.

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