Blue Takis make it big

Moon Lodge's "Shabangs" unseated as most popular review

By Jeremy Selwyn
Chief Snacks Officer

The snack world is an unpredictable place — who knows what crazy flavor we'll find next — but one thing that's been pretty reliable lately at is that people want their Shabangs. Our Most Popular Snack Reviews page tells us which ones from our collection of more than 8000 snacks people are looking at most. Month after month, Moon Lodge The Whole Shabang Potato Chips have been topping the list. For years, it's been at or near the top each month, and recently, it's had a run of 5 straight months at #1. There's something about potato chips sold only in jails that has snackers hungry for these.

But don't disregard the appeal of a blue Taki — after we discovered Blue Heat Takis in August, they rocketed up all the way to #2 on the list. Then in September, they earned the #1 spot. We've reviewed 16 kinds of Takis in all, and they've always been a major source of interest, but it seems making them blue has brought a whole new level of buzz!

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