The Snacking Blanket

Will Snuggie change the way that you snack?

By Jeremy Selwyn
Chief Snacks Officer


Snacking may never be the same again!

There's a new product called a "Snuggie" — a blanket with sleeves. The idea is that the sleeves free you from the many shackles of a conventional blanket so that you can do all sorts of things while under the blanket, including talking on the phone, knitting, reading a book, using your laptop and — most significantly — eating snacks.

I learned about the Snuggie on one of those "Call now, operators are standing by!" TV ads. First, they first stun you with how much this revolutionary product will change your life, then they tell you the price ($19.95), then they tell you the price also includes a free book lamp, and then they tell you it actually includes TWO blankets and TWO book lamps, as long as you pay the (unspecified) $7.95 shipping and handling twice. Then you can't resist the urge to grab the phone and order 10 of them. (Having never ordered anything like this, I can't say for sure what happens next, but I'm guessing your Snuggie arrives in the mail, you try it and realize that the Snuggie is quite a bit lamer than it looked in the ad, so you put it on the same shelf as your Flowbee and all of your Ronco stuff.)

I'll put aside the general ridiculousness of the product. (Really, if you're cold and need to use your arms, can't you just put on a sweatshirt? And isn't there a reason people generally wear clothes instead of blankets, so that they can walk without tripping? And would you be willing to appear in public wearing a Snuggie?) I was quite impressed by the fact that "Enjoy a snack" was one of the Snuggie activities mentioned. The guy wearing a Snuggie and grabbing a big bowl of snacks looks like a monk, but he does appear to be very much enjoying the snacks.

See a version of the ad below:

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