Savoring the flavorings at Snaxpo

New flavors that might be coming to a chip bag near you

By Jeremy Selwyn
Chief Snacks Officer


One of the best things about attending the annual Snaxpo convention is the chance to taste some flavors that you're unlikely to find at any of the usual snacks and grocery destinations.

At Snaxpo, the annual gathering of the Snack Food Association, companies in the flavor business are on hand to push their creations to the snack manufacturers.

Most of these flavors are essentially exclusive to Snaxpo. That's not to say that the folks who came up with these flavors wouldn't want you to try them, but really they were created to show off these companies' flavor-making skills and give ideas to the chip companies.

This year's flavors were as impressive as ever. Here are some highlights:

Wixon Inc. had a "Global Street Food" theme to their flavor selection, offering barbecue styles from around the world:

Continental Ingredients had some combination of tastes that I'd never seen before:

Continental also served up a "World Trail Mix" with four different snacks interspersed, but each bearing a different seasoning:

Mane's flavors included:

Gamay offered up:

Carolina ingredients featured these flavors:

Kraft Food Ingredients had some Mexican-spiced seasonings:

Syrmise had some bold potato chip flavors:

Fuchs had their own bold flavors:

One of the mysterious parts of the snack business is that the snack companies normally won't tell you which of these flavor companies supply their ingredients, and the flavor folks have been sworn to keep their clients' names confidential. So the taste of your favorite chip might actually be the handiwork of these flavor companies, but you'll never know, as they live in anonymity.

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