Attack of the Cones!

Pretzel cones are the perfect way to eat ice cream

By Jeremy Selwyn
Chief Snacks Officer


Pretzelvania just keeps getting better!

During my recent adventure in the snackiest region of the saltiest state, I had the pleasure of visiting the Snyder's of Hanover facility in Hanover.

After a factory tour, I visited the factory store and nearly overlooked the greatest find of the day.

With no fancy display or special packaging, they had some clear bags containing pretzel cones! Yes, ice cream cones made of pretzel material, complete with salt. Never even heard of such a thing, but if anyone could think of it, it should be Snyder's of Hanover, America's largest pretzel maker.

I tried them out with some mint chocolate chip ice cream, and they were great. The cone held the ice cream as well as a regular sugar cone and had a nice crunch. The mix of pretzel flavor with ice cream was delicious. Regular ice cream cones just serve as a vehicle to hold the ice cream, but these did so while also adding a great complementary taste. The occasional grains of salt that my taste buds encountered along the way were quite nice.

The future of cones?

On a related topic, my co-worker The Bonnie tipped me off to a new product called Crispycones. The idea seems to be that it's a bread-like cone that you can fill with any sort of food. The funny part is the hyperbole in their marketing — calling Crispycones "The Future of Portable Food" and then showing a variety of ways of filling them up, with everything from bacon, egg and cheese to pepperoni pizza and teriyaki chicken. I hope it's as good as it sounds, but I'm having trouble picturing a future where people drive around in their rocket cars eating all their meals out of cones.

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