Potato chip company challenge: Why no oregano chips?

Oregano potato chips available in Greece but not the USA

By Jeremy Selwyn
Chief Snacks Officer


Some friends recently returned from a vacation in several of the Greek islands. I'll summarize their trip report as follows:

As far as I'm aware, no chip company distributes oregano-flavored potato chips in the USA. That's a serious oversight, and it's a disservice to chip eaters. (The only oregano chips we've reviewed were sold by Elite Foods of Israel in association with Frito-Lay.)

So here's my challenge to the chip companies: You need to make an oregano chip. If you can do this and send me some, Taquitos.net will recognize your special effort to satisfy the snacking community.

We're looking for a chip company to mass produce this flavor and distribute it through your usual channels. No cheating here — this has to be a real product that you distribute and promote; you can't just whip up a few bags and send them to me.

If any of the chip companies are up to the challenge, let me know!

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