Crisp can innovation continues

Another way to avoid getting your hand stuck

By Jeremy Selwyn
Chief Snacks Officer


After our recent discovery of an impressive pull-tab to lift the whole stack of crisps in a can of Pringles knockoff Oishi Toss crisps from China, we weren't expecting much more innovation in this area, but soon enough, we found another packaging innovation to prevent hands from getting stuck in the Pringles-style can.

This one also comes from China, but from Pringles rival Lay's Stax. Unlike the American version of Lay's Stax, which have their own specially shaped blue plastic can, this was a more conventional cardboard-and-foil round can. But the innovation was inside the can, as the crisps were lined up in a pull-out plastic tray. (We did see a similar tray in Mini Pringles when we reviewed those a few years back, but those came in a wrapper, not a can.)

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