Lay's chips replacing Wise at Fenway Park

It's a changing of the chip this baseball season!

By Jeremy Selwyn
Chief Snacks Officer

I can't find any press releases or news reports about it, but I was inside Fenway Park this morning (thanks November Project!), and there are billboards declaring Lay's to be the official potato chip of the Red Sox. (Baseball season opens today, but the Red Sox are on the road in Cleveland.)

Wise chips have been sold at Fenway Park since at least 2007, when they were announced with great fanfare to be the "Official Potato Chip and Cheez Doodle Sponsor of the Boston Red Sox." There have been Wise snack bags bearing the Red Sox logo sold seasonally in New England stores ever since. In 2008, Wise ran a traveling "Snack Squad" promotion featuring David Ortiz to promote the Red Sox partnership, as well as a deal with the Mets. In 2012, the Yankees, who for many years had an Utz billboard in Yankee Stadium's right field, switched from Utz to Lay's as their chip.

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