Jax: The disrespected cheese puff?

Cheetos get all the love

By Keith Shaw
Secretary of Snacks


I was recently surprised to find several bags of Bachman's Jax cheese puffs in the office vending machine. The selection there tends to be dominated by Frito-Lay brands, and in the cheese puff world, this means Cheetos. So I quickly bought as many bags of Jax as possible.

When I returned to my work area, I noticed that a co-worker was also enjoying a bag of Jax, and I proclaimed my love for Jax, hoping that he would agree. He said "Meh" and another co-worker chimed in, "Ewww, I prefer Cheetos." No love for the Jax, apparently.

Jax tend to be the black sheep of the cheese puff world. Crunchy Cheetos, of course, are the standard by which all other crunchy cheese curls are judged, and if we had a 10 Commandments of Snack Reviews on Taquitos.net, that would certainly be the Cheese Puff Commandment. But that's just for crunchy. I still maintain that Jax are the puffed standard, despite attempts by Frito-Lay to knock off Jax with its versions of puffed snacks (and don't even talk to me about Cheese Doodles).

Anyway, yesterday I bought the last bag of Jax from the vending machine, in its place in slot A4 are Cheetos (sigh). I doubt that Jax will return to the machine anytime soon, but the joy of the 3 bags that I ate will stay with me for weeks.

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