Dirt Cake: What do kids think?

Lunchables becomes lunch for two youngsters

By Nathan Fisher
Snacking Dad

Dirt Cake from Lunchables is billed as one of their "lunch combinations" and contains three elements — gummy worms, frosting (specifically, "Chocolate Flavored Marshmallow Creme") and chocolate cookie crumbs — each in its own compartment.

The "Serving Suggestion" pictured on the package showed a worm being dipped into the frosting and then the cookie crumbs, so that seemed to be the general intent of the product. But I suppose you could ignore the suggestion and eat it any way you want.

As this is a snack intended for children, I interviewed a nearly-four-year-old (Tommy) and a two-and-a-half-year-old (Griffin) as they encountered Dirt Cake for the first time.

Before we dig in, what do you think Dirt Cake is going to taste like?

Tommy: I think it's going to taste like sweet things!

Griffin: And it's going to taste like real worms!

Tommy: No, not real worms — gummy worms.

Griffin: No, real worms! [Has his first taste...] Oh wait, it tastes chocolatey.

Tommy: Flies taste like mud! Do you like to be kissed?

Griffin: Yes.

Tommy: Well, I don't like to be kissed ever.

Griffin: It's not actual worms — it's gummy worms. But I don't like the red bits [of the gummy worms].

Tommy: Griffin, I tasted the red bit and it was yummy!

Griffin: I do not like the red gummy bit.

Tommy: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that ... does [your little brother] Baby Mason want some?

Griffin's dad (on Baby Mason's behalf): No, but thanks.

[Griffin gets in trouble for throwing his bowl of dirt cake.]

Tommy: Candy worms are yummy worms! I also like "trouble cake." It's like dirt cake but you only get to eat it when you get in trouble like Griffin.

[Griffin escorted away for nap time.]

Tommy: The cookie crumbles are like rocks, so I call this part the "rock cake" and the other part the "mud dirt worm cake." I want to tell Nana and Papa that I just had a Dirt Cake, which is gummy worms, chocolate pudding and cookie crumble!!

Post-meal press conference with Tommy

Did you like Dirt Cake?

Tommy: Yep!

Would you want to eat it again?

Tommy: Yes, I would like to eat it again. Do you have some I can have now?

No. How much should Dirt Cake cost?

Tommy: Maybe 2891.

I don't understand. 2891 of what?

Tommy: No, just 2891.

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