My new favorite kitchen appliance

Hershey's Tornado Action Chocolate Milk Mixer

By Jeremy Selwyn
Chief Snacks Officer


For years, I have declared the clear superiority of premixed chocolate milk over powder or syrup. This was motivated primarily by the vastly better taste and texture. (The savings in effort, though also noteworthy, was secondary to the taste issue.) No matter how many times I swirled the spoon in my glass, powder or syrup would never really mix fully into the milk, so the smoothness that I expect from a good chocolate milk just wasn't there.

But a new addition to my kitchen has me rethinking my long-held bias. The Hershey's Tornado Action Chocolate Milk Mixer is a fairly simple device. With just three parts — a motorized base, mixing container and cover — it was easy to assemble and even easier to use.

After inserting batteries, all I had to do was attach the container to the base, pour in the milk, add a few spoonfuls of Nesquik powder (sorry Hershey's!), put on the cover and press the button. Within seconds, I was seeing the promised "tornado action" as the tiny mixing blades blended everything together quite rapidly. It was pretty cool just to watch. But I was not truly impressed until I poured the mixture into a glass and took a sip. It wasn't quite as perfectly creamy as premixed, but it was darn close, orders of magnitide better than anything I've ever mixed with a spoon.

Compared to other kitchen appliances, this one definitely won't break the budget. I got it for $5 at Target (as a closeout, marked down from $10). As a nice extra touch, it came packaged in a milk carton!

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