Cheetos Popcorn has revolutionized baseball

Chester Cheetah brings cheese snacks to a new level

By Jeremy Selwyn
Chief Snacks Officer

Vendors at Fenway are now selling a new product called Cheetos Popcorn. I saw some people carrying Cheetos Popcorn at a game earlier this season, but I didn't realize quite what I was seeing. I thought at the time that they were just using the Cheetos cheese to flavor the ballpark-sold buckets of cheese popcorn. That itself would be a notable change, but probably not one to get too excited about.

What I observed at a more recent game was that the bucket didn't contain just cheese popcorn — there were also Crunchy Cheetos mixed in there! That seemed worth a try. The reason that I'm so worked up about this is this combination was really quite good. Combining lots of cheese from the popcorn, lots of cheese from the Cheetos and two contrasting textures was just a genius move — two great cheese delivery vehicles into one snack!

Also, go Sox!


I reported early this baseball season that Fenway Park had handed over snack control to Frito-Lay. At the time, the focus was on the fact that Lay's had replaced Wise as official potato chip of the Red Sox. But somehow I missed the much bigger story here.

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