Another Snacking Milestone posts 4000th snack review

By Jeremy Selwyn
Chief Snacks Officer


Today marks an important day in the history of Since our founding more than 8 years ago, we have eaten and reviewed 4000 different snacks. Here's a list of our major snacking milestones over the years:

NumberDateSnackComparable achievement
1000June 30, 2002Lay's Kettle Cooked Extra Crunchy Jalapeño Potato Chips
1611August 6, 2003Lay's Cool GuacamoleRobert Parish NBA career games record
2000April 2, 2004Munch Mates BBQ Corn Chips
2130July 1, 2004Dakota Style Roasted and Salted Sunflower KernelsLou Gehrig consecutive games played (2nd all time)
2217August 27, 2004Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company Peanut Butter PopcornBabe Ruth career RBI total (2nd all time)
2297October 11, 2004On the Border Blue Corn Cafe Style Tortilla ChipsHank Aaron career RBI record
2632July 29, 2005Wheat CeackerCal Ripken consecutive games played record
2634July 30, 2005Wise Ridgies Parmesan PepperTed Williams career hit total
3000April 2, 2006Powerbar Pria Complete Nutrition Bar Chocolate Mint Crisp
3419March 19, 2007Natural Planet Certified Organic Yellow Corn Tortilla ChipsCarl Yastrzemski career hit total
3562June 3, 2007Kellogg's Yogos Crazy Berries Yogurt-Covered Fruity DotsPete Rose career games played record
3771January 16, 2008Ballreich's Caramel Crunchy CornHank Aaron career hits total (3rd all time)
4000September 14, 2008Kitco Stix Salted

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