Companies profit on 100-calorie snack packs

The latest snack fad: offer less, charge the same or more

By Keith Shaw
Secretary of Snacks


I debate this issue often with Jeremy ('s chief snacks officer) — whether the 100-calorie snack packs are a healthy trend or not.

My argument is that the snack-packs, which put snacks in 100-calorie packages, are helpful for dieters and others who just want smaller portions.

Jeremy argues that you could just take a regular package of the snacks and distribute the standard snacks into little plastic sandwich bags, pay less, and get the same results. True, but all of that takes a little bit of effort, and we both know how much effort Americans generally exert when it comes to snacking.

That debate aside, it turns out those snack-packs are very profitable for the snack manufacturers as well, according to this New York Times article. This may explain why store shelves continue to see more of the 100-calorie snack types, not less.

Unlike the low-carb craze of a few years ago, I think the 100-calorie craze will stick around, especially if it makes money for the snack companies.

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