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Strong & Kind Honey Mustard Almond Protein Bar

Strong & Kind Honey Mustard Almond Protein Bar

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Taste test: Much like Kind's Thai Sweet Chili bar, this bar consisted mostly of almonds, pumpkin seeds and some sort of crisps made from peas, with a sticky sweet substance coating the outside and holding it all together. The change from the other bar was the honey mustard flavoring. What's not to like about honey and mustard? It's one of our favorite flavor combinations.

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We crunched to find that it was one of the stranger honey and mustard snacks that we've tried. Usually, honey and mustard are applied to pretzels or potato chips, so the seasoning can stand on its own amid a snack with relatively little other flavor. The mix of nuts, seeds and sugars here was actually quite strongly flavored on its own, so the initial taste was mostly from those things, with just a hint of honey and mustard. The mustard was most noticeable in the aftertaste, as it left some good zing in the mouth.

Definitely a strange one, but pretty good!

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Smell test: Mild sweet mustard smell.

From the package: “Non GMO” ... “Gluten free” ... “Low glycemic” ... “No whey” .. “No soy” ... “Sweet and spicy. We don't mean putting hot sauce on your ice cream (unless you love hot sauce and ice cream), we mean honey mustard. It can't decide if it wants to give you a hug or s slap on the back. Kind of like your crazy uncle except, made from whole nuts and seeds, it actually tastes good. And it won't make you listen to stories about the 'glory years'. You're welcome.” ... “It's not always easy to eat well, especially when the good stuff doesn't taste as awesome as the bad stuff. That's why me made Strong & Kind, a bar that's healthier than it tastes.”

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Company: KIND, LLC

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