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Special K Salted Caramel Chocolate Snack Bars

Special K Salted Caramel Chocolate Snack Bars

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Taste test: We'll give Special K major credit for truth in advertising here, and the actual bars individually wrapped inside this box looked just like the one pictured on the box.

The bars were made up mostly of oats, topped by some caramel frosting and a good number of chocolate chunks. The density of chocolate and caramel wasn't as high as you might think from the picture, because all of that sweet stuff was on the top surface; the rest was just the oats and rice.

As a result, the main taste (and definitely the main texture, unfortunately) was from the oats. The chocolate and caramel enhanced those oats a but, but still, the bar was a lot of oats, and it tasted like a bland, oat-heavy granola bar with some chocolate and caramel. As for "salted caramel," I noticed some salt maybe once in the course of eating a bar, but generally it was just caramel. Disappointing.

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Smell test: Just bit of caramel.

From the package: “Our deliciously chewy-with-a-hint-of-crisp bars are full of the good stuff for a satisfying snack you'll love. It's 100 calories of yum.”

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Company: Kellogg's

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