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Special K Pastry Crisps Brown Sugar Cinnamon

Special K Pastry Crisps Brown Sugar Cinnamon

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Taste test: Much like the strawberry version, these "pastry crisps" were shaped like energy bars but made from the same basic materials as Pop-Tarts.

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Whereas Pop-Tarts come two to a packet and you could easily get by eating just one of the two (sometimes raising the question of what to do with the other one), these came two to a packet (stacked on top of each other, much like Pop-Tarts) but one packet didn't seem like nearly enough food. They tasted a lot like cinnamon Pop-Tarts, but they felt much lighter. That's lighter in several senses: holding a packet of two bars in the hand, it felt like it weighed almost nothing; and after eating both bars and enjoying the taste, I did not feel very filled and needed to open another pack. Why so un-filling? The pastry crust was thinner than Pop-Tarts, the filling much less substantial, the frosting was a sprinkling of wiggles on top rather than a coating of the whole top surface, and the whole thing was smaller. The taste and texture were very good, and the fact that the texture was more delicate than Pop-Tarts was a nice change. But 100 calories just wasn't enough in this case.

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Smell test: Very nice sweet cinnamon smell, like a fresh cinnamon bun.

From the package: “10 pastry crisps 2 per pouch” ... “Snack twice a day and still manage your weight!” ... “Enjoy snacking twice as much with cracker crisps, bars, crackers and pastry crisps from special K.”

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Company: Kellogg's

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