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Snickers Marathon Protein Bar Chocolate Nut Burst

Snickers Marathon Protein Bar Chocolate Nut Burst

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Taste test: This bar had three layers, each about equally thick, with the middle one appearing to contain caramel and peanuts and the outer ones chocolate.

There was no coating, so all three layers could be seen from the outside. It was definitely a dense bar. The outer layers were sort of brownie-like, but even denser. Overall, it was quite chewy, but not so chewy as to make it difficult to eat. The taste didn't really remind me much of a regular Snickers, because there wasn't any milk chocolate or sweet caramel that I could taste, but it wasn't a bad combination of chocolate, caramel and nuts. This is one to have with a glass of milk, and don't even try to eat the whole bar unless you're really hungry.

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Smell test: Pretty good peanuts, and caramel chocolate smell.

From the package: “Now Better Taste & Texture!” ... “22g Protein” ... “Excellent Source of Fiber - 16 Vitamins and Minerals”

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Company: Masterfoods USA (a division of Mars, Incorporated)

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