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Sensible Portions Yogurt Berry 100 Calorie Bar

Sensible Portions Yogurt Berry 100 Calorie Bar

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Taste test: This energy bar was considerably shorter than the wrapper it came in, and it appeared to consist mostly of Rice Krispies, berries and what the ingredients call "Multigrain Fiber Crisps" (which looked sort of like thinner, longer and darker versions of Rice Krispies).

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There was a very thin wiggly drizzle of white frosting on the top of the bar, and a full coating of frosting on the bottom. On first bite, I thought the taste was decent, but the more of this bar I ate, the less I liked it. With eat subsequent bite, it got sweeter (well past the point of too sweet), grittier, and felt sort of oily or greasy in the mouth. Our tasters gave this one a resounding thumbs-down, with the excessive sweetness being the No. 1 complaint.

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Smell test: Smells like a mix of blueberry and strawberry yogurt.

From the package: “Low in Fat • 0g Trans Fat • 0g Cholesterol • Excellent Source of Fiber & Calcium” ... “A great tasting on-the-go snack!” ... “Portion Control never tasted so good!”

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