Pop-Tarts Splitz Strawberry Blueberry
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Pop-Tarts Splitz Strawberry Blueberry

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Taste test: This new type of Pop-tart combined two different flavors, each occupying half the real estate of the Pop-Tart, with a border down the middle extending the length of the Pop-Tart.

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The strawberry side featured pink frosting wiggles on the top of the Pop-Tart, while the blueberry side had a more conventional white frosting with multicolored sprinkles. After the long and laborious task of toasting one of these, I bit in and found that each side tasted pretty much like you would expect it to taste in a stand-along strawberry or blueberry Pop-Tart. The combination of flavors didn't do much for me, but I usually take a few minutes to eat a Pop-Tart, so this did allow me to eat one flavor and then the other for some added variety. Is there really demand for two different flavors on the same Pop-Tart? If you like Pop-Tarts, you probably don't pause halfway through eating one and think, "I wish the other half had a different flavor." I am figuring that this is a short-term gimmick that fans of Pop-Tarts may want to try once.

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Smell test: Good sweet strawberry or blueberry smell for each particular side. The combined aroma down the middle was not particularly good.

From the package: “Strawberry on one side! Blueberry on the other!”

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Company: Kellogg's

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