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Pop-Tarts Gone Nutty! Frosted PB & J Strawberry
Snack Review

Pop-Tarts Gone Nutty! Frosted PB & J Strawberry

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Taste test: When Pop-Tarts introduced its first two peanut butter varieties, it was a pretty huge deal, and I was very impressed by the plain peanut butter version and somewhat impressed by the chocolate & peanut butter ones. The idea of a PB&J one seemed like it could take this concept to a whole new level, combining the deliciousness of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the simplicity of a Pop-Tart.

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Why is simplicity so important here? I'm a big fan of PB&J sandwiches, but there's a bunch of work involved in making one. I mean, you need to obtain three ingredients, optionally toast the bread, spread two different things onto the surfaces, combine the two sides, and then optionally cut the sandwich. OK, come to think of it, maybe it's not that much work. But it's enough work that sometimes I just eat peanut butter directly off the spoon. These Pop-Tarts provided an opportunity for a more civilized meal than that, with less work.

I opened one of the three twin-packs in the box to find that each pastry had a light, bread-like color, a light brown frosting covering most of the top surface and some pinkish purple sprinkles stuck to the frosting. I decided to try an untoasted one first before putting on my chef's apron to pop the other one into the toaster.

I bit into the untoasted one to find a soft feel with a light crunch from the frosting, with definitely some peanut butter and strawberry jelly to taste, but just not a whole lot. Looking into the profile of the Pop-Tart, I could easily see a very thin layer of strawberry jelly, but it was harder to spot the peanut butter. It looked like the PB might have covered less of the filling area than the jelly. The taste was good, but it was like eating a sandwich with very thin layers of peanut butter and jelly.

When I tried the toasted one, it was a whole other thing! The flavors of both fillings were much more intense, so it was quite excellent. It was definitely worth the toasting effort. (As a side note regarding toasting, I was astounded to find one entire side of the box devoted to explaining how to toast or microwave a Pop-Tart, with all sorts of detailed instructions and warnings. I wonder if the Pop-Tarts Legal Team had anything to do with that.)

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Smell test: Mild peanut butter smell.

From the package: “Made with Real Peanut Butter” ... “Naturally & Artificially Flavored”

Online store: Buy snacks on Amazon #ad

Company: Kellogg's

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Star Market (formerly Shaws, and Star Market again before that), Porter Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Review published .

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