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Odwalla Bar! Choco-walla

Odwalla Bar! Choco-walla

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Taste test: This wide, thick and somewhat short energy bar was generally brown in color, and you could see some oats embedded inside, along with chocolate chips.

It was very dense and felt heavy upon biting in. The first bite didn't seem at that chocolatey, but the chocolate did grow in intensity on subsequent bites. Still, chocolate was just marginally the dominant flavor, as it competed with a mix of fruit-type flavors. On its own, I had a very tough time eating more than a few bites in one sitting, as the density of the bar and the sweetness was just too much. When I got a glass of cold milk and alternated bites with sips, I was able to eat about half of the bar before having to put it down and give up.

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Smell test: Very, very fruity chocolate smell. Almost like a Fig Newton.

From the package: “Excellent Source of Antioxidants Beta Caroten, Vitamins C & E” ... “Nourishing Food Bar®” ... “Real Food for Humans®” .. “Made with fruit & whole cereal grains!”

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Company: Odwalla, Inc.

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at CVS Health. Review published .

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