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Clif Kit's Organic Fruit + Nut Bar Cashew

Clif Kit's Organic Fruit + Nut Bar Cashew

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Taste test: This smallish, thick bar had a generally dark exterior that was lightened up by finely crushed nuts that covered a good portion of the surface.

I bit into the bar to find a very soft feel, with an intense fruity taste. It was quite sweet but fell just short of being too sweet (but it was sweet enough that it was better with some cold milk). It sure looked like there were lots of crushed cashews inside, but there wasn't much of a nutty taste or crunch. Overall, a pretty good taste.

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Smell test: KInd of mildly fruity, maybe just slightly like cashews.

From the package: “My parents taught me that food should be a simple delight. With just a handful of ingredients, Kit's Organic™ Fruit & Nut Bar is an honest, great-tasting celebration of that passion.”

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Company: Clif Bar, Inc.

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