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photo of Eat. Think. Smile Red Raspberry Baked Nutrition Bar

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Eat. Think. Smile Red Raspberry Baked Nutrition Bar

Eat. Think. Smile Red Raspberry Baked Nutrition Bar

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Taste test: This bar only loosely resembled a granola bar, as it had a dark beige/brown exterior that looked kind of like a brownie, except with some oats (but not a lot) on the surface.

There were some darker spots that probably were the raspberries, but really nothing that actually resembled a raspberry. I bit in to find a nice soft texture with a pleasant chocolate and raspberry taste. In addition to the oats, there were some finely crushed walnuts. These elements added a bit of grittiness to the bar, but not much. It was a bit on the sweet side, so I'd recommend a cold beverage such as milk to help wash it down.

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Smell test: Mild raspberry smell, good.

From the package: “the natural antioxidant power of cocoa” ... “This product contains CocoaOne™: our unique blend of African cocoa and a premium Meso-American variety known as Lavado, the king of all cocoa varieties, with natural antioxidant power and a delicious flavor all its own.”

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Company: Apure Foods Co.

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