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Eat. Think. Smile Dark Cherry Baked Nutrition Bar

Eat. Think. Smile Dark Cherry Baked Nutrition Bar

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Taste test: This wide bar had a fairly typical chocolate color and looked kind of like a brownie from the outside, with some oats jutting out on the surface (but not nearly as many oats as the picture on the wrapper showed).

I'm not a fan of cherries, but I did find this mix of chocolate and cherry pretty decent. The bar was very soft while being fairly dense. The taste was sweet but not overly so, and it was just fruity enough so that it didn't become one of those too-much-fruit-with-chocolate tastes. This wouldn't be my first choice for a chocolate rush, but fans of cherries might really like it.

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Smell test: More chocolate than cherry.

From the package: “the natural antioxidant power of cocoa” ... “This product contains CocoaOne™: our unique blend of African cocoa and a premium Meso-American variety known as Lavado, the king of all cocoa varieties, with natural antioxidant power and a delicious flavor all its own.”

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Company: Apure Foods Co.

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